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Glimpses of Schubert's Octet on Playing Day - Sunday 26th July 2009
Octet minus 2!
Another blast from the past (2009)... Here is a short extract from Schubert's Octet, but without the cello and double bass. The picture quality of the photos below is somewhat lacking, as they are just frames extracted from the cinĂ©.  The cinĂ© clip is compressed so it will load much quicker, but the image and sound qualities have suffered. This was played in the afternoon session.
John Lyle Beverly Lewis Christine Batty
John Lyle - 1st Violin Beverly Lewis - 2nd Violin Christine Batty - Viola
Paul hampton-Smith John Veale Alison Marlow
Paul Hampton-Smith - French Horn John Veale - Clarinet Alison Marlow - Bassoon